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Blood Nobose? Empty Blood Nobose?

le Mer 7 Nov - 13:28
Can somebody have all nobose symptoms without sings?

Migraine, eructations, anxiété, insomnia, heat above... but no pulsation (except a small one on the right side of the navel...)

The rest of the sho is diarrhea, cramps (IBS Dx), fatigue++, strong pulse, though weak on upper jiao positions, CT kyo tight dry ( the patient usually benefits a lot from taking GZJSYT)

Now the abdomen is Kyoka HiKo two bars on the right, Shinka Hiko, gas in stomach AND colon, little pulsation left side of the navel, oketsu on right Otsuka pst and right to the navel. A little empty below, but the patient seems stonger than formerly.

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